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The Centers of the USA
An exhibit in Lebanon, KS (center of the contiguous continental United States)

in conjunction with the Center for Land Use Interpretation and the Salina Art Center
Open indefinitely starting Aug 14, 2010

These geographic centers attest to a persistent need to find the center point of a country or continent, in order to point to "the heart," "the middle," or "the hub" of a place. Each relies on a conceit, whether in the physical act of finding a balance point or in the approximation of the shape of the Earth. The effort to name and locate a center affirms a periphery. Because of the many ways to define both the periphery and the center––and because of the gap that always remains between an idealized representation and the physical facts on the ground––any precise center point is difficult to determine definitively. It exists in many places––one of which is here, in Lebanon, Kansas.
The Institute of Marking and Measuring (IMAM)
The Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI)
[A Plane Map of Uniform Thickness]
Salina Art Center
Rotation Films